Our manifest

Citizens of the 21st century need to learn to analyze and solve the problems of the world around them, full of challenges that did not exist before, such as artificial intelligence, social networks, Industry 4.0, and the rapidly changing digital society. To do so, they have to acquire systematic methods, they have to learn how to learn, they have to develop socio-emotional skills that allow them to deal productively with other human beings. Mastering such skills has an impact on employability, on the ability to move up socially, on reducing poverty.

Unfortunately, traditional education, based on passive learning (expository classes), does little to prepare students for the challenges of the present day mentioned above. Active learning methodologies, on the other hand, are more suited to prepare students to be more likely to succeed in the 21st century. However, educators often lack access to training and tools to enable them to implement active learning methodologies.

Thus, this project aims to promote active learning methodologies among educators from all over the world. We disseminate free information on the subject, in several languages, and we provide a method called OpenPBL to boost and flexibilize the implementation of active learning methodologies, such as the problem-based learning (PBL) methodology or project-based methodology (PjBL). We also designed an app whici helps the educator to overcome the implementation difficulties of these methodologies.

In sum, in a structurally unequal world, we seek to bring education in active learning methodologies so that educators can multiply our efforts through their respective pupils. And as a way to reduce such inequalities, we need to offer as much as we can for free. We hope to count on your help.