Terms of Service

As simple as possible

  1. We will strive to keep OpenPBL as simple and accessible as possible to as many educators as possible. Therefore, we will put the terms of service in the clearest and most intelligible form below
  2. Our intention is to offer knowledge about active learning methodologies, especially PBL, even more specifically about the methodological variant that is central to this site: OpenPBL. For this, we publish texts in an informal way to make it easier for more educators to understand. Therefore, we are not committed to academic formalities in the texts, we are only committed to the scientific accuracy involved.

    OpenPBL app

  3. We provide a web application maintained through donations and therefore we cannot guarantee the continuity of the project. However, if the project becomes financially unfeasible, we undertake to:
    a) Warn all users 4 months in advance of the application deactivation date.
    b) Keep, as far as possible, educators who already use the system, so that they can use the system with good performance and safety.
    c) If there is a need to suspend part of the users so that the others can continue to enjoy the application with quality, priority will be given to the oldest and most active users in using the OpenPBL app.


  4. Misuse of third party intellectual property is not tolerated without proper authorization from the owner. Thus, all content inserted in the activities must be authored by the user himself or, if by third parties, be licensed for use by the user.
  5. The user who shares any educational resource in the OpenPBL app or on this website must have the copyright to such resource or authorization from whoever has this copyright to make such sharing. The shared resource becomes an Open Educational Resource, as defined by UNESCO (https://www.unesco.org/en/open-educational-resources).
  6. The user who obtains any educational resource in the OpenPBL app or on this website, can make use of such resource under the Creative Commons 4.0 - BY rules. This implies that you must retain the original author citation of the educational resource. For more information on how Creative Commons licenses work, visit creativecommons.org. To find a Creative Commons chapter in your language, consult the international network at network.creativecommons.org/chapter.

    Service level

  7. The computational resources of the OpenPBL application are shared by all users regardless of usage level. Thus, it is possible that there is instability in the system at any time when there is a coincidence of simultaneous use by a number of users greater than the average number of users for which the system was designed to support.
  8. We are not responsible for any consequences resulting from possible instabilities in the OpenPBL app, increased response latency time or even total system unavailability.
  9. In any context of use of OpenPBL.org resources, including communication of any nature, apology for racism, misogyny, religious or regional discrimination or of any nature that may harm the Declaration of Universal Human Rights is not tolerated (see https ://www.un.org/en/about-us/universal-declaration-of-human-rights).


  10. To simplify the launch of this project, donations are accepted on behalf of Giovanni Farias, creator of OpenPBL and author of the doctoral dissertation that theoretically supported its conception.
  11. We are committed to formalizing the creation of a non-profit organization to maintain the project, which will receive donations and eventually be audited independently.
  12. In the meantime, we are committed to annually issue a report and publish it on the openpbl.org blog about the number of educators and students using the system; the costs with human and technological resources involved; as well as, and mainly, the amounts donated, with the due tax documentation provided to the Federal Revenue Service of Brazil.
  13. All human resource contributions to the project with regard to scientific research must be voluntary, without remuneration or stipend.
  14. Upon verification of insufficient donations, we will be free to seek other forms of monetization aimed at maintaining the project (does not include profit), in order to avoid having to close it down.

    These terms of service may be changed at any time, without prior notice or need for communication.