Pivoting OpenPBL plans


I did one last attempt, via email, to convince Moodle HQ to transform the Assignment module to allow Moodle implement the OpenPBL methodological model. I was not successfull and I totally understand, since I know (I can’t disclose here) Moodle is passing thgough a very important change, there is no time for new ideas, nor there is some structure to receive these innovative approaches. Thus, I have to give up using Moodle as an OpenPBL tool, at least for now. I know how big is the impact for educators around the world if they can use Moodle not only to implement PBL itself, but it combined with all other Moodle modules. However, for now, I will have to develop an app with its own resources and/or competences. It will be a long way, but it has started since last year. Let’s see how far it goes.